Wine Competition Rules


A winery or sales agent can enter any domestic or imported table, sparkling or fortified wine that is legally sold in B.C.



Four bottles of 750ml (or four bottles of 375ml) must be submitted by Friday, October 1st, 2010. Only wines that have cleared customs and have had all duty and taxes paid by the winery or agent will be accepted. Wines shipped from outside Canada with duty owing will not be accepted or submitted to the competition. Courier and delivery charges are the responsibility of the winery or agent.



Online entries will be charged $75 (CDN) plus applicable taxes per wine entry. Visa, MasterCard or American Express are acceptable forms of payment. Entry fees will not be refunded if the winery or agent fails to ship the required samples by the deadline, or enters wine with duty or importation charges owing.



There are ten wine categories. Please refer to category guidelines.



1. Vancouver magazine’s 8th Annual Wine Competition is open to any table, sparkling or fortified wine legally sold in British Columbia. Wineries or their agents may make entries.

2. Wines must be produced by a registered commercial winery.

3. Each applicant must complete a separate entry. All wines must be listed separately on the form.

4. Wine samples and payment in full must be received by October 1, 2011. Entry fees are not refundable. All wine entries become the property of Vancouver magazine.

5. All wines must be cleared by the winery or agent through Canadian Customs and adhere to provincial importation regulations. The winery or agent, when submitting the wine, must pay all importation and delivery charges. Competition organizers will not clear wines on behalf of entrants.

6. A wine category will be determined by the applicant. However, the Chief Judge reserves the right to alter categories in the best interest of the entry.

7. The Chief Judge reserves the right to assign new judges as required.