These high-alcohol brews, ranging from seven to 10 percent alcohol by volume, are meant for slow, mindful sipping. Their full body and rich array of complex flavours - like dried fruits and, sometimes, rich molasses, sherry, and umami notes - are best enjoyed at cellar temperature in a small snifter glass. 600x600_strong GOLD: Steamworks Brewing Co.'s Imperial Red Ale (Vancouver) An imperial red ale with enough malt backbone to stand up to aggressively bitter hops SILVER: Central City Brewing's Thor's Hammer Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barley Wine (Surrey) Mahogany-hued barley wine-style beer tastes of cola, herbs, burnt sugar, and caramel. BRONZE: Townsite Brewing's Charleston Belgian Triple (Powell River) A Belgian triple out of Powell River? A Belgian brewer coaxes out pie spices, pear syrup, and coriander.