The Pacific Northwest owns this delicious category.

This style evolved from the English India pale ale, so named because it was popular among those working for the imperial East India Trading Co. in the 1700s. The characteristically bold bitterness of these American hop varieties accompanies distinctive aromas and flavours such as notes of bright citrus, pine, resin, and tropical fruit. The bitterness in golden-amber North American IPAs is a great foil for rich and oily foods like fried chicken.


                            GOLD: Breakside Brewery Wanderlust IPA (Oregon) A light, lagery IPA with generous herbal notes and flavours of pine, earth, and dried fruit.   SILVER: Hopworks Urban Brewery Hopworks IPA (Oregon) Strong tastes mid-palate of grain, toast, and citrus. Bonus for the use of organic malts.   BRONZE: Yellow Dog Brewery Play Dead IPA (Port Moody) From a Port Moody brewer, superb nose and great length of taste. Said one judge: “Dang delicious.”