Another trio of champions from our inaugural competition.

Find all the shades of the night in this family of pitch-black ales derived from roasted grains. Guinness, the best known, is categorized as a dry stout, with its lighter body and taste; oatmeal stouts, meanwhile, have more body and richer dark-chocolate notes. Their coffeelike flavours make them a solid companion to a range of desserts. 600x600_stout GOLD: Mission Springs Fat Guy Oatmeal Stout (Mission) The name isn’t promising, but the flavour manages to mix forest floor and Fisherman’s Friend—and that’s a good thing!   SILVER: Bridge Brewing All Out Stout (North Vancouver) A local take on Guinness, with hints of dark fruits, nuts, and dark chocolate.   BRONZE: Firehall Brewery Holy Smoke Stout (Oliver) One of a number of smoky winners, this rauchbier has a judicious restraint to its smoulder.