Three of the most Vancouver cocktails ever

Because there’s no better way to experience your city than to, umm, drink it

From freshly-pressed juice of the adult variety to the classic Vancouver cocktail, here are three cocktails that epitomize our city.avocado-cocktailThe Avocado GimletThis smoothie-cocktail hybrid is a lot more tasty than it sounds. Comprising of half an avocado, gin, apple schnapps and fresh lime juice, the drink is surprisingly light with sharp finish.L’Abattoir, $14 217 Carrall St., hemlock-cocktailThe Hemlock HighballExile Bistro is first to admit their “strong roots in pacific northern style,” perfectly embodied in the Hemlock Highball cocktail. Gillespie Vodka, hemlock syrup, apple cider vinegar, and sparkling water—definitely worth a try.Exile Bistro, $71220 Bute Street, vancouver-cocktailThe Vancouver CocktailRumoured to have been created by the Sylvia Hotel in the ‘5os (though some say Hotel Georgia also has a strong claim), the Vancouver cocktail has become a classic on old-school cocktail lists. A combination of gin, sweet Vermouth, Benedictine, and orange bitters—this one’s for a sturdy palate.Sylvia Hotel, $91154 Gilford St.,