Davie Street Pub Crawl




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(1)   1181 Begin at this high-design bar where the polished set come to talk smart over beers like Innis & Gunn. Be there by 10 for a claim on the coveted window sofas. 1181 Davie St., 604-687-3991. Tightlounge.com

( 2 )  Pump Jack Tired of being “on?” Un-tuck your shirt and amble into this starkly contrasting peanuts-and-pitchers pub. Pool table’s out back. 1167 Davie St., 604-685-3417. Pumpjackpub.com

( 3 )  Numbers Now that you’re chatting up strangers, stop in for a frosted mug of pale ale, preferably procured from lovable, bearded Mitch, before navigating a dim-lit labyrinth of men and retro dance hits. 1042 Davie St., 604-685-4077. Numbers.ca

( 4 )  Celebrities This full-glam club is preferred by the waxed-and-under-30 set (elders should skip ahead to Step 5). Assuming you aren’t at the depressingly busy $3-highball Tuesday, stick to bottled beer. Lineups are chronic; call around dinner and get your group on the VIP list. 1022 Davie St., 604-681-6180. Celebritiesnightclub.com

( 5 )  The Odyssey All roads lead to this kingpin, where everyone’s content with bare-bones shooters. If your crew is boy-only, join the faster-moving alley lineup. Take the front door, though, when it’s stumble-home time—there’s always a team of cabs on hand. 1251 Howe St., 604-689-5256. Theodysseynightclub.com