Narrow Lounge

When Narrow Lounge opened its doors earlier this year it recalled a modern-day speakeasy—tucked in behind the Grace Gallery at Third and Main, it had no signage, just a red light bulb above an unmarked door that was lit when the room was open. (They’ve since put up a sandwich board.) With just 30 seats, the room threatens to burst at the seams most nights with grungily fashionable Main Streeters throwing back pints of R&B stout and shots of bourbon. You could order from the edited menu of comfort-food faves (mac ’n’ cheese, nachos), but why would you? This is a watering hole of the first order—as you can tell by the framed credo at the end of the bar: “I never drink water. Fish piss in it.” Third and Main, behind the Grace Gallery, 778-737-5206. 5 p.m. to Midnight, seven days a week