Where to Watch the Canucks Season Kick Off

The slate is wiped clean with tomorrow night's season opener, and it's sure to be a good one.

The slate is wiped clean with tomorrow night’s season opener, and it’s sure to be a good one.

The scene is all too reminiscent of a certain playoff failure as the Canucks travel to Alberta tomorrow night to kick off the 2015/2016 NHL season. We can’t guarantee success, but we can guarantee beer, wings, and groups of fans screaming at multiple, high-definition screens.

Colony Main Street

2904 Main Street., Colonymainst.comFun Fact: This was the consensus from the Vanmag office — the deep-fried pickles sealed the deal. 

Craft Beer Market

85 W. First Ave. (Salt Building), Olympic Village, Craftbeermarket.caFun Fact: They have a private room that holds up to 26 people, in case you want to create your own fan zone. 

Library Square

300 W. Georgia St., Downtown, Donnellygroup.caFun Fact: It’s a classic. Sports, beer, more sports, more beer—a schedule we can get behind. 

Milltown Bar & Grill

9191 Bentley St. (on that little island below SE Marine Dr.), Richmond, Milltownbar.comFun Fact: If you don’t fancy trekking downtown for the game, this new waterfront pub is buzzing with locals and is sure to provide a chill Canucks-loving vibe. Plus, two patios, on the off-chance the sky stays blue. 

Steel Toad Brewery

97 2nd Ave East, Olympic Village, Steeltoad.caFun Fact: The pull-down screen is large enough to witness the smug looks get wiped off the Flames’ faces in magnified detail.