5 Types of IPAs You Should Know

Plus the best locally brewed ones to try right now.

Plus the best locally brewed ones to try right now.

1. West Coast

Often uses West Coast hops, like cascade, which impart a huge citrus fruit wallop to go with the bitter. East Coast or Northeast Coast is an altogether more malty and less tame IPA. Try: Russell Punch Bowl

2. Hazy

An unfiltered cloudy style, with lower carbonation and an orange rind/melon taste. Generally less bitter. Sometimes called New England or Juicy. Try: Parallel 49 Trash Panda

3. Single-Hopped

Like it says—uses only a single hop strain, like Citra or Amarillo, to flavour the beer. Try: Twin Sails Dat Juice

4. Milkshake

No milk added, but there are lactose sugars, which impart some thickness and fruitiness. Not crazy bitter. Try: Bridge Brewing The Fuzz

5. Fresh Hop

Comes only for a brief time in the early fall, when hops are ripe and dumped in without drying. Floral, herbal and fresh. Try: Stanley Park Fresh Hop Red IPA