Ask the Experts: What’s the Best Beer to Drink for Every Season?

Best Beers to Drink in the Winter

Persephone’s Dry Irish Stout is always awesome.”—Adam Henderson, co-owner, Superflux Beer Company

“In the winter, I drink a lot of Persephone’s Dry Irish Stout. It’s a re­al­­ly nice nitro beer.”—Ryan Voigt, R&D director, Twin Sails Brewing/co-founder, Coalesce Brewing

Beere Brewing is just down the road from us and has an awesome stout—the Cherry Willis, a cherry imperial stout with dark chocolate and cocoa nibs.”—Samantha Lindeman, co-founder, Wildeye Brewing

“One that sticks out every year is the Boris from Strange Fellows.”—Erika van Veenen, social media manager, Brewery Creek Liquor Store

Field House’s Toasted Coconut Black Lager. It’s a perfect blend of coconut flavour but without any crazy pastry sweetness, and light in body for how rich the name makes it seem.”—Marissa Mills, brand manager, Granville Island Brewing

Best Beers to Drink in the Spring

“In about May I go to the La Maison by Four Winds.”—Thomas Morrison, lead brewer, Red Truck Beer Company

“It was spring when Backcountry’s Widowmaker IPA first came out, and it definitely has stuck on my list since then.”—E.V.

Burnabarian by Dageraad is something I drink really regularly in the spring.”—R.V.

Craft Beer Is Dead by Superflux. Nice and fruity but not overly heavy or creamy in the mouth. Incredibly tasty take on the classic American IPA.”—M.M.

“I don’t hate any beers, but I think I hate saison—except for one: the Lemon Gin Saison from Bridge Brewing in North Van. Once I come out of snowboard season I start to mountain bike and end up at Bridge a lot. And that beer is always consistently good.”Elliot McKerr, Electric Bicycle Brewing

Best Beers to Drink in the Summer

“Can Four Winds’ Nectarous be the pick for all the seasons? I think I speak for both [co-founder] Matt [Kohlen] and I: if we go somewhere and Nectarous is on, it’s pretty much guaranteed that we order it.”—A.H.

Brassneck’s No Brainer. It’s a corn lager, and as a brewer, it’s just what I want to drink when it’s really hot or just after a shift.”—R.V.

“I can’t get enough of Simple Things, the lager from Steel and Oak. It’s just such a good beer.”—E.M.

“All last summer I was drinking hefeweizens, and R&B Brewing’s Chef’s Hef is quite outstanding.”—T.M.

Foreword Reserve by Coalesce Brewing was a 2018 release, but it’s a very special and beautifully crafted beer. A mixed fermentation ale aged in chardonnay barrels for 11 months, the beer is brewed with so much care and attention, and the branding is on point. Anything Coalesce puts out is worth waiting in line for.”—M.M.

Best Beers to Drink in the Fall

“I love coffee beers in the fall, so defnitely First Press from Steel and Oak.”—E.V.

Backcountry Brewing is producing some cool hazy IPAs and hazy pale ales, so they’re always a good fall option.”—S.L.

“I don’t like fresh hop or pumpkin beers. Hoyne has a really nice Vienna Amber. I love German-style lagers in the fall. ”—A.H.

Coalesce Brewing’s Val d’Or, if you can still get your hands on one.”—Darren Hollett, co-founder, House of Funk Brewing

Dageraad’s Antwerpen. An Abbey-style tripel that’s complex and fruity with a lingering warmth.”—M.M.