Beer Reco: Wildeye Brewing’s Negroni Ale Is a Cool Mom Must

She's not like other moms.

I’ve seen a lot of attempts to incorporate cocktail-style flavours into beer. Most of them do not work, and end up as some sort of weird attempt to inject a gin fizz or a rum and coke into a beer.

But North Van’s Wildeye Brewing has never been shy about trying new things. How else can you differentiate yourself in the beer consumer’s heaven that is the North Shore? One of its most popular recent creations is the Negroni Ale, and I’ll be honest, I thought I’d hate it. I don’t even like negronis that much. They’re fine.

But this was… pretty good. Refreshing with a cherry taste and a nice finish, this is legitimately enjoyable. And true to cocktail form, it has a suitably high alcohol percentage (7 percent) that you can’t really taste.

But with this weekend being what it is, what’s more important than what I think (I know, a first time for everything) is our creative director Cathy Mullaly’s review. You see, this was one of the gifts our staff sent Cathy (who lives in North Van) for her birthday earlier this year.

We sent Cathy three beers in total, and she raved about this one.

Therefore, our scientific hypothesis: Cathy is a mom. Cathy loved this beer. Your mom will maybe also like this beer?

Tried and true formula: get this for Mother’s Day.