Craft Beer Awards 2015: Brown and Porter

Toasted and roasted grains lend a dark brown colour and notes of bread crust, hazelnut, chocolate, molasses, and sometimes a hint of smoke. At the table, these deep, earthy beers mirror the seared notes in charbroiled food, pairing particularly well with grilled beef and roasted vegetables.600x600_brown and pGOLD:Yellow Dog Brewery’s Shake a Paw Smoked Porter(Port Moody)This porter’s on fire – at least, it’s smoky like a campfire, with nice roasts and chocolate to balanceSILVER:To Ol’s Black Ball Porter(Denmark)Not for the faint of heart, this swaggerer tastes of chocolate, raisins, burnt sugar, and alcoholBRONZE:Moody Ales’ Smouldering Smoked Porter(Port Moody)A smoked porter that makes no apologies for aggressive smoke, peat, and freshly turned earth