Craft Beer Awards 2015: Hybrid

Here are easy-drinking, approachable ales with a lightly hoppy presentation and enough gentle malt flavours to satisfy repeat samplings. Think blond kolsches, cream ales, and dry-hopped wheat ales. Minimal bitterness and a range of malts – from honey and caramel to a touch of toast – suggest clean-flavoured companions like spring rolls and grilled chicken.600x600_hybridGOLD:Parallel 49’s Jerkface 9000(Vancouver)A hazy, musky American wheat ale goosed with lemon/stone fruit and strong hopsSILVER:Bridge Brewing’s Wunderbar Kolsch(North Vancouver)Lightly hoppy kolsch pours a hazy gold and carries light hops, finishing with a nice lemony tangBRONZE:Mission Springs Brewing’s Bombshell Blonde Ale(Mission)A simple thirst-quencher of a ko7 that’s crisp and sessionable, veering toward corn lager