Craft Beer Awards 2015 Winner: Best Pilsner

These crystal-clear golden lagers are designed to be crisp and refreshing. They present delicate bread or cereal-grain notes, as well as herbaceous and peppery notes from the hops, which also contribute some bitterness to the finish. The brewers of Pilsner Urquell, in operation since 1842, are credited with originating the style. Great on a hot day, pilsners can also be enjoyed alongside light-flavoured foods.600x600_pilsnerGOLD:Bomber Brewing’s Pilsner(Vancouver)Rich Bohemian-style pilsner shows rich, bready malts and a hint of white grape.SILVER:Fernie Brewing Co.’s Project 9 Pils(Fernie)A light, effervescent Bavarian pils that’s clean, crisp, and eminently drinkable.BRONZE:Steam Whistle Brewing’s Pilsner(Ontario)A big pils: very rich, filling, and flavourful with sweet fruit and just a hint of skunk.