Craft Beer Awards 2016: Best in Show

This year's winner is a remarkably versatile crowd-pleaser

This year’s winner is a remarkably versatile crowd-pleaser


Le Trou du Diable

La PitouneQuebecIf you’re not already familiar with the kellerbier family, then let this magnificent bastard serve as your formal introduction. Kellerbier literally means “cellar beer,” and it’s a lager that’s served directly from its aging vessel, which was typically a barrel from the cellar in the days before refrigeration. It’s not served from a barrel, but this Keller Pils—a cloudy version of a pale, bitter, refreshing German pilsner—possesses both the classic haze of a kellerbier and an inviting, creamy, white head. The flavor profile is defined by both a subtle note of bread yeast and crisp, drying bitterness.Despite facing stiff competition in the Best in Show round, La Pitoune came out on top because of its remarkable versatility. From drinking it on a sunny patio to pairing it with a wide range of culinary dance partners (think everything from shellfish to soft cheeses), this beer is likeable in any context. But it also won’t disappoint those who are just looking to sip and savour their suds—the mark of a true champion.

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