Friday Beer Reco: 3 Vancouver Beers to Find This Fall

Embrace autumn and all it has to offer in beer form.

The browning of leaves and beers happens at the same time in Vancouver. Or at least it should. It’s time to move on from those radlers, sours and goses, but we’re not quite into the winter beer territory of porters and stouts.

No, autumn brings clean hops and crisp finishes. Here’s our list of three beers to seek out this fall season in Vancouver.

1. Before the Fall – Main Street Brewing

Okay yes, one of my favourite movies of all time will always be The Lion King. (And no, I have no opinions about the reboot.)

So this label was probably always going to resonate with me. Were the fine folks at Main Street actually referencing Scar, Simba and Mustafa with this can? I honestly don’t know. But it feels better to imagine that yes, they absolutely were.

As for the beer, it’s pretty perfect the way it is. The Fresh Hop Hommelbier (a saison-style beer with an abundance of hops) is very much crushable and enjoyable to the point that it’s genuinely surprising that it comes in at 6.3 ABV.

Actually, scratch that, Hommelbier means no worries, for the rest of your days.

2. Prairie Baard Golden Ale – Bomber Brewing

Most beers don’t get whole websites devoted to them, but this golden ale isn’t most beers. Brewed in partnership with both Vancouver’s Bomber and Boise’s Payette Brewing, the Prairie Baard has some serious Saskatchewan cred via founder and PGA tour golfer Graham DeLaet.

While most of Prairie Baard’s target demo is likely happy with their Molsons and PBRs, this beer represents a clean, crisp and clear step up from that fare.

3. Mo Matcha Ale – Mo Beer Company

Now for something completely different.

I don’t know much about Mo Beer Company. I know it has a fairly discreet Instagram presence. And that it’s made out of East Van Brewing and is “inspired by contemporary Asian culture.”

That last part is a, uh, tricky line to walk. But upon first taste, the folks behind the Mo Matcha Ale (the outfit’s only offering thus far) seem to at least have a taste for good beer. It’s smooth and light and has a definite matcha flavour—intriguing enough to leave us wanting more. And wondering what’s next.