Friday Beer Reco: Patina Brewing Co.’s Thai Lager Is Decidedly a Win

Fire it up for the summer.

It’s not too often that I see a beer on a liquor store shelf from a brewery that I have no familiarity with at all. But that was the case when my eyes happened upon a light green label with red writing. The font was all over the place, but it promised a Thai Lager and offered a short, three-word description of what I should expect.

Ginger. Lime. Refreshing.

Two nouns and an adjective, all of which worked toward the same purpose: This is a summer beer, and you will enjoy it as such.

Patina Brewing apparently opened in early 2019 in Port Coquitlam. And while “brew house & bbq” in the descriptor is an auto red flag in my urban hipster vernacular, I may not complain next time my partner insists on going out to PoCo to pick up a chair from a Craigslist rando.

This beer is exactly what it says it’s going to be. The ginger is there, though it’s not at all overwhelming. The lime is definitely present, and in a much more authentic way than Bud Light literally injecting lime flavour into its beer. And yes, this is about as refreshing a beer as you’ll find on the market.

Speaking of market, I just found some very relatively affordable apartments in PoCo…