Hop To It Before They’re Gone

The New Oxford is pouring one limited edition wet-hopped beer you don't want to miss.

The New Oxford is pouring one limited edition wet-hopped beer you don’t want to miss.

The season of wet hops is a short one, even shorter than Vancouver’s short-lived obsession with Pokémon Go. However, the limited season of wet-hopped IPAs is upon us and so it is our responsibility and privilege to partake before the kegs are dry.For those of you like me who are slightly less versed in the world of beer jargon, wet hops are hops that are used fresh off the vine, immediately after harvest. Unlike their dried counterparts (hops that have been dried, processed, and pelletized to be stored for year-round production) wet hops do not have the same longevity—hence the rarity and exclusivity surrounding wet-hopped beers. Wet hops have to be used within 48 hours of harvest, 24 hours ideally, or else the process of decomposition begins to set in. However, while the rush against the clock, and the logistical battle of getting the hops from the fields to the brewery is evident, beer lovers will agree that the efforts are definitely worth it. Earthy and fresh, wet-hopped beers are nuanced with a more vibrant aroma and cleaner flavour.If this exclusive, short-season brew intrigues you, you’re in luck. The New Oxford, located in Yaletown and one of the Donnelly’s Group of omni-present pubs, will be one of the few places pouring wet-hopped IPAs this season. On October 26 the Aletown Beer Society will be offering Phillips Green Reaper. The kegs will start pouring at 5 p.m. and will be served until empty. With a limited supply—20L—and the exclusivity of a seasonal release, you’d better hurry, or wait another year for the next round.newoxford-15-1024x681aletown-beer-society The New Oxford1144 Homer St.Vancouver, B.C.,604-609-0901