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What We Drank This Week: This Bud’s For You (If You Like Orange Crush)

Our associate editor drinks his way through Vancouver’s craft beer scene—and beyond.

Our associate editor drinks his way through Vancouver’s craft beer scene—and beyond.

I’ll start things off with an honest admission: I’m not a light beer fan. To me, it kind of takes away the purpose of the whole exercise. (OK, I guess not if the purpose of the whole exercise is to get smashed, and I’m not completely above that.)

But usually I’ll be chasing interesting, flavourful beers that have some sort of complexity to them. Not that light beer can’t be that. It just often isn’t.

Here are the drinks we poured this week.

Bud Light Orange

Oh yeah, you knew it was coming. After debuting lime and apple variations to widespread popularity (if not critical success), Bud Light dropped its orange flavour into Canada recently.

Usually, we’ll reserve this spot for Vancouver (or at least B.C.) concoctions, but we made a special exemption for what’s sure to be a popular summer brew.

So, what was it like? Well, enthusiasts of the brand’s previous flavours aren’t going to be let down. It smells like orange juice, tastes like Orange Crush and has a Bud Light-y aftertaste. All that is to say it’s a perfect, easy-drinking summer refreshment if you’re into that sort of thing.

One note our local craft brewers could take from the monolith that is Bud Light brewer Anheiser-Busch? The concept of packing different flavours in four and six-packs. Beer drinkers want variety these days, and don’t always want to be forced to buy a 12-pack to get it.

Price:$23.49 for a 12-pack

Broken Islands Hazy IPA – Vancouver Island Brewing

On the subject of minglers, we may be a touch late on this one, but VIB’s Winter Outpost 12-pack is pretty excellent. Chief among the accomplishments is the hazy ipa, a cloudy but juicy take on the popular brew, with a ton of citrus.

The brewery recently went through a rebrand and it appears to be on the right track. It’s a tasty beer that’s good at anytime of the year, not just winter.

Price: $21.99 for a 12-pack mingler

BC Tree Fruits Cider Co. – Broken Ladder Rosé

Not sure why everyone feels the need to include the word “broken” in their beverages, but we’re not complaining. BC Tree Fruits hit a homerun on this, an extremely sessionable cider that never overwhelms. With real apples and cherries it’s a massive improvement on other cider options. (We won’t name names, but you can probably figure it out. We’re basically putting a bow on it for you. Like, a strong bow. OK, we’ll stop.)

Expect it to do some work at cashier tills around the province this summer. Those peeps that head straight to the Nutrl section when they step in the liquor store are going to be very tempted here.

Price: $11.29 for a four-pack

Love Buzz Cherry Sour – Strathcona Beer Company

Finally, Strathcona’s cherry sour is a great remedy for a rainy night and a perfect companion to a sunny day. There’s just no real denying its deliciousness.  

The extremely light IBU (it comes in at 8 on the scale that measures bitterness) can be a tad off-putting, but it still comes in at 5.1 percent alcohol. The only worry is that you’re going to be drunk much, much quicker than you realize. You know, if that’s a worry at all.

Price: $13-15 for a four-pack