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3 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Weekend with Vyne Botanicals

Spruce up summer by serving a refreshing botanical-infused beverage

Spruce up summer by serving a refreshing botanical-infused beverage

Weekends a bit blah? Weekdays blending into weeks and months like no time has passed? As summer dawns, searching for new ways to switch up the usual routines and add a dash of excitement is paramount. We’ve exhausted virtual social hours, mastered at-home baking and walked city blocks over and over again. Now, with a simple refresh, reclaim the bliss of weekend’s past with a fresh perspectiveand some sparkling water.

Perfect for those looking to brighten days with a refreshing thirst quencher, Vyne Botanicals is a botanical-infused sparkling water, specially crafted to weave some vitality into everyday life, and feel good while doing it! Full of all the good stuff—from natural flavours to zero calories, you’re just one sip away from elevating the weekend repertoire. 

Here are three simple ways to refresh your weekend with Vyne….

1. Add some inspiration—and add some zing—with The Citrus One

Is it 3 p.m. and you’re debating yet another cup of coffee? Or maybe you’re thinking you should just go ahead and take a nap all together? Why not try Vyne’s The Citrus One as a pick-me-up? With notes of grapefruit, tangerine, lime and lemongrass, it can add the special afternoon zing you’ve been longing for.

2. Weave some vitality into the backyard BBQ with The Floral One

What’s a backyard BBQ without some fresh florals to bring it all together? Grab Vyne’s The Floral One as the perfect centrepiece for your outdoor hang, and create ultimate summer ambiance. With a subtle blend of rose, lavender, geranium and marigold, this sparkling water can add an elevated flairand some much needed backyard blissto your menu.

3. Add new scenery and sip on The Herbal One

We’re fortunate to live in beautiful British Columbia, so why not take the weekend to explore the great outdoors on a new hiking trail or nature walk? At this point, walks may feel so 2020, so add some new scenery to your excursions by exploring Vyne’s The Herbal One. Offering an inviting blend of mint and thyme, you can regroup with the province’s vast nature in a new and refreshing way with Vyne in hand.

Weekends are a sacred time for rest and rejuvenation. Add a dash of botanicals, and you’ve got a recipe for ultimate revitalization! Order Vyne Botanicals directly to your doorstep on, or pick up in-store at Safeway and Real Canadian Superstore locations.