Is it Possible That This $200,000 Set of Whisky Is a Good Deal?

From an investment standpoint, it just might be.

Ok, don’t get in a flipping tizzy. I appreciate that spending $200,000 of 4 bottles of Scotch is, from any conceivable point of equity… insane. I also imagine (having not tasted any of these pricey drams) that even from a pure hedonistic taste perspective you could do much better with your $200K. Of course from a prestige/bragging right angle, it’s tough to beat. But oddly the most compelling argument might be on the pure financial asset side—this whisky may be undervalued in a global sense. 

This set of 4 bottles of Dalmore is called the Decades No. 4 Collection, and it’s set number 19 of only 25 in the world. It’s a boon that the BC Liquor stores are getting one of them as the showpiece to their annual spirits release. So here’s what you get: one bottle each of the 1979, 1980, 1995 and 2000, very fancy decanters in the place of ho hum bottles, a pedestal to display your purchase and of course, pretty serious bragging rights.

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You’re sold you say? (Really, I say?) Well there’s a catch —you know, other than the $200,000. You need to actually enter a draw for the right to spend said $200,000. This is getting ridiculous you say, but let’s dive a bit deeper. Yes, Dalmore is near the absolute top of the pyramid for so-called “ultra-premium” whisky. And the newly rich of the globe can’t get enough of high-end scotch and the pricier, the better. And here’s the kicker—2 weeks ago a set of Dalmore Decades No. 6 (which adds 1951 and 1967 to the mix) sold for just a hair under $1,400,000. So is it a stretch to think that this set for $200,000 is a bad investment? Probably not.

Ballots must be in between Oct 28-30 and the actual draw will be November 13th. Details are here. And if you prefer more terrestrial offerings, I’ll be giving my picks for the best bottles next week.