The Sip: It’s Oktoberfest in September, and We’re Not Complaining

Parallel 49 wants to turn you into a pumpkin.

Normally, we cringe when Halloween-related paraphernalia becomes available the second the calendar turns to September. 

Don’t retailers know that no one grabs Halloween stuff until the last possible date to do so anyway? Are there really people rolling through Value Village on Labour Day weekend looking for the perfect tiara to go with that Adele costume that they swear is still relevant? Who gets that carried away with costumes—aside, obviously, from Justin Trudeau?

But when it comes to fall beers, we are proud to announce that we are fully, 100 percent IN. So it was that we cheered the return of Parallel 49’s Schadenfreude, a pumpkin beer that’s smooth enough to not weigh you down, but pumpkin-y enough to give you those nice, warm, fall feelings.

It’s the perfect beer to go with these rainy September nights that are on the horizon, but it also goes well with the brewery’s Oktoberfest party, going down tomorrow (I know, Oktoberfest in September. Again, it’s beer, and we’re going to allow it.)

Expect a live polka band, traditional German snacks like pretzels, and seven different beers on tap for $6 each. Bring on fall.

Oktoberfest at Parallel 49

Date: September 21
Time: 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Location: The Parallel 49 warehouse off of Semlin Street (behind the brewery), 19+