Barfly: The Boulevardier


As a rule, cocktail names should have the fewest syllables possible and never more than three. Ordering a “whiskey” sounds slightly cooler than “whiskey sour” and miles better than a “Cosmopolitan.” The very excellent Boulevardier (five syllables!) is the exception that proves this rule. It’s essentially a bourbon Negroni—the addition of whiskey helps mellow the mean bite of the Campari—a summer cocktail that works best when the skies are slightly overcast. It’s only fault? The poncey-sounding name, which is impossible to say while channelling Steve McQueen. But have enough of them and you’ll ascend to the pinnacle—ordering the “usual.” Problem solved.

                             1½ oz. Bulleit Bourbon
                                      1 oz. Campari
                          1 oz. sweet (red) vermouth

Add all ingredients into mixing glass with lots of ice, stir, and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with a twist of orange.

Watch and learn: A video on how to make a Boulevardier Cocktail