Barfly: The Daiquiri


Of all the reasons to invent a cocktail, “prevention of scurvy” just might be the most noble. How the daiquiri—whose ingredients (rum, citrus, and sugar) mirror a British sailor’s daily ration circa 1750—went from being an actual life saver to tasting like Lifesavers is beyond me. Partly to blame is famed chest-thumper Ernie Hemingway, who, during his years in Cuba, popularized a frozen version of the daiquiri with grapefruit juice, thus forever cementing that much-needed bridge between the Nobel Prize and patrons of Chili’s restaurants. These days the drink is a great test for a decent barkeep: if you hear a blender or get a whiff of strawberries, make like a tree and get out of there—it’s strictly amateur hour.

                                       2 oz. white rum
                              (Mount Gay works just fine)
                                  ½ oz fresh lime juice
                ¾ tsp superfine sugar or simple syrup

Vigorously mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Float a thin slice of lime, if you must, but don’t feel compelled.

Watch and learn: A video on how to make a Classic Daiquiri