Barfly: The Essential Margarita


The margarita runs neck and neck with the daiquiri as the most mistreated cocktail of all time, which is crazy because its classic iteration is so simple and so good. But there’s always some jughead who thinks he can improve on things using his wits and a blender, and so some 50 years after the drink’s debut in the pages of Esquire it has become the official drink of people who “play” slot machines. In honour of General Ignacio Seguín Zaragoza, kicker of French ass, make the drink right—which means no frozen limeade, no wasting pricey aged añejo, and no using those goofy blue margarita glasses they give away at Señor Frog’s.

                     2 oz. silver tequila
                       1 oz. Cointreau
                 1 oz. fresh lime juice

Shake in cocktail mixer and strain into rocks glass with a salted rim. (Subbing gold tequila and Grand Marnier turns it into a Cadillac Margarita)

For a video of our Bartender of the year, Josh Pape, demonstrating how to make a margarita and other classic cocktails, visit