Best Hangover Cures


Lucy’s Eastside Diner

Open 24 hours! Which means instead of peeling yourself out of bed for Lucy’s under $10 breakfast menu, you can take a preventative measure and grab a burger, fries, and beer for the same price on your way home. Lucy’s serves thick, hearty meals portioned for truck drivers but seasoned for a fastidious palette. Try their Three Little Pigs benny sampler
($8.50) or the famous Mac n’ Cheese ($6).
2708 Main St., 604-568-1550.


Legendary Noodle

Tired of traditional greasy spoons? Legendary Noodle serves fast, flavorful Chinese food that will kick your nausea back with spice and garlic. Try pan-fried pork and chive dumplings, fried pea shoots dripping in garlic butter, and slippery flat noodles in a medley of spicy vegetables. Sub in tea for coffee (it’ll help settle your stomach).
4191 Main St., 604-879-8758; 1074 Denman St., 604-669-8551.


The Templeton

Stuff your face in Granville Street’s best diner while listening to jukebox tunes and recapping the night before. The Big Ass Breakfast ($11) comes with three eggs, pancakes, bacon, toast, and rosemary hash browns—chew slowly. Breakfast goes until 3 p.m., but if you miss the cut-off (yikes) go for a massive plate of mushroom gravy poutine ($7).
1087 Granville St., 604-685-4612.


La Grotta del Formaggio

Sometimes the best thing for a hangover isn’t grease and drip coffee, but a healthy, filling option. Commercial Drive’s La Grotta is  just the spot, offering custom-made sandwiches with the finest cured meats, cheeses, and pickled eggplants to be found on the East Side. A full foccacia with meat is $11.50, (minus a buck for the vegetarian option).
It’s humongous—play nice and share it with whomever you brought home last night.
1791 Commerical Dr., 604-255-3911.

Hair of the Dog

Local Public Eatery

Let’s face it—sometimes the only way to fight the effects of alcohol is more alcohol. Local’s El Caesar (2-oz vodka, Clamato, and spicy Mexican hot sauce, $8) has so much kick it’s served in a boot-shaped glass. The pepperoni stick garnish provides a little welcome protein (the burgers are great, too). Grab a seat on the heated patio overlooking Kits Beach—the fresh air will do you good.
2210 Cornwall St., 604-734-3589.