Kindred Spirits: Long Table Distillery

When Charles Tremewen overcame byzantine bureaucracy to open Long Table, the city’s first distillery in 40 years, he knew interaction with consumers would be critical. Luckily, recent shifts in provincial and municipal laws mean he can sell his small-batch spirits directly. Naturally affable, Tremewen hit upon the idea of Gin & Tonic Fridays: workweek-weary patrons gather around the titular table to sample his wares (also including vodka and akvavit) and unwind. The event was an immediate success (people were turned away at the inaugural Friday in January), so much so that Tremewen is contemplating similar happenings for Thursdays and Saturdays. “We’re formulating a foundation for a really nice cocktail culture here in Vancouver,” says the buoyant entrepreneur. “I think it’s here to stay.”

1451 Hornby Street.