Lincoln County Lemonade

Don’t strain this blood-red whiskey refresher – the bits of muddled cherry flesh add pops of flavour. Invest in a good syrup too (Lauren recommends an online order of this Quebec beauty), to complement the maple charcoal notes in the Jack Daniel’s. For a summer soirée, try the punch-sized version and go big with garnishes of citrus twists and skewered cherries.


Lincoln County Lemonade

by Lauren Mote from Bittered Sling – Producer/Supplier of the Year 2013

1.5 oz Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 Tennessee Whiskey
2 BC Tree Fruit’s Cherries
0.75 oz Lemon Juice
0.75 oz Light Maple Syrup
2 dashes Bittered Sling Orange & Juniper Bitters
Sparkling Water

In a shaker, muddle the cherries together with the whiskey, bitters, syrup and citrus.
Add the syrup, and muddle until well incorporated.
Add ice, and shake vigorously.
Pour all the contents without straining into an old fashioned glass, and top with a dash of sparkling water.
Stir gently, and garnish with two pitted cherries, an orange peel.

For 10 people:
15 oz Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 Tennessee Whiskey
20 BC Tree Fruit’s Cherries, pitted
7.5 oz Lemon Juice
7.5 oz Light Maple Syrup
20 dashes Bittered Sling Orange & Juniper Bitters
12.5 oz Filtered/Bottled Water

Smash the pitted cherries with a muddler, add the Jack Daniel’s and mix to combine.
Allow to steep in a covered container in the fridge for 1 hour.
Strain out the cherry bits, and add the rest of the ingredients.

Serving idea:

After you’ve mixed everything, pour the liquid into vintage bottles with labels and refrigerate.
When ready to serve, allow guests to add their own ice to mismatched cups and mugs, add 3-5 oz of the cold liquid, garnish with a pitted cherry skewer, or orange peel.