The Dalmore Scotch Collection Comes to Vancouver

Like most Vancouverites, we’re often at a loss for what to do with the wheelbarrows full of cash clogging up the hallways of our home. Thankfully, esteemed Scottish distillers, The Dalmore-they’re the one with that cool silver stag head on the bottle-are here to help out in the form of the $218,500 Constellation Collection. Before you blanche at the price, remember there are 18 bottles, ranging from 1966 to 1992, bringing the price per bottle down to a reasonable 12 grand and change. Also noteworthy is that master blender Richard Patterson (he’s a major big deal in the whisky world) travelled from Glasgow to present the bottles and Vancouver is the only city in Canada to have the collection. If these fun facts won’t convince you to mosey into the 39th and Cambie Signature BC Liquor Store and toss one in the cart, nothing will.

(To note: you won’t actually be able to swing by and grab the set. Starting on March 27th, entry forms must be filled out to purchase and a draw will be held if there is more than one interested party.)