Best Sparkling and Fortified Wines

Best Sparkling Wines

Life is too short not to drink bubbly. Great early in the day; great with fruit, especially fresh strawberries; particularly great with Dungeness crab

Best Fortified Wines

Best stick to tradition here: olives and toasted almonds for sherry, aged Cheddar or Stilton for port. 

Best Sake Wines

The light, clean flavours of premium Junmai Ginjo sakes are perfect for food, and not just sushi.Try these the way Salt Tasting Room serves them—with charcuterie from Oyama and artisan cheeses

Best Dessert Wines

Icewine is dessert, so don’t overthink it. Simple fruit (peach, apricot) and nut (hazelnut, almond) pairings work best.


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