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Brumont Wines: Excellence Meets Environment

Although his family set roots in winemaking in 1836, Alain Brumont’s work for the past four decades has proven that history and innovation can work together

Following in his father Alban’s footsteps, winemaker Alain Brumont has been passionate about agriculture and the countryside he grew up in. Besides hard work and the drive to excel, he learned respect for the vines, and his ethic has remained unshakeable. Throughout his vineyards, he applies methods that he designed and developed over 40 years to be in perfect sync with his philosophy.

Brumont’s approach is respectful of the environment and tailored to each varietal and terroir. Given the geographical location across three regions of Southwest France, Brumont’s Château Montus and Château Bouscassé properties benefit from the ocean’s influence, as well as the optimal sunlight of the middle altitudes.

A trailblazer, Alain Brumont knew how to make use of the bounty nature offered up to him—from the diversity of soil types and exposures to the altitudes, he has perfected every aspect of the harvesting process. He established a vine-training process that preserves the balance of his soils, while being particularly committed to not disrupting secondary fauna.

Credit: Brumont wines | Mark Anthony

The Château Montus & Bouscassé parcels are located in an area in close proximity to the Pyrenees. This provides the grapes a cool climate during the maturation phase. The mountains provide natural control of rainy periods, needed for successful outcomes in the vine-growing cycle.

Due to climate change, cultivation methods need constant adjustment, so on-site teams try to anticipate needs, always listening to what the soil tells them.

Preserving the secondary flora and microbial life by opting for tailored plant cover, and through practice of a policy of “no work of the land,” means maintaining soil structure and allowing for the remediation of parcels, while attempting to limit the effects of high heat.

Alain Brumont has taken this one step further by planting his vines in the heart of the forest, they benefit from an intra-parcel microclimate that fosters a healthier viticulture.

Credit: Brumont wines | Mark Anthony

The terroir at Château Bouscassé grows the tannat grape varietal, which produces a wine with rigour, an elegant structure, and long aging potential. A mixture of 20- to 100-year-old vines produces a fresh, balanced, structured wine that is expressive and complex with a character of wine offering aromas of red fruits, liquorice and dried flowers.

Château Montus is located on the steep slopes of fine clay and large river stones from the Pyrénées and has received the best from unique terroirs in the Southwest of France. This very intense, complex wine, grows from 40-year-old tannat and cabernet sauvignon vines, offers fresh, pure and frank aromas of black cherry, pear and wild mint.

Brumont wines can be found at specialty and BC Liquor stores.

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