Editors’ Picks: A Summer Beer and a Wine to Sip on This Weekend

Refreshing drinks to make you say "aaahhh."

It’s going to be a hot one out there, folks. Here are the best refreshing summer drink picks from our resident wine and beer experts.

Aveleda Vinho Verde, $17

You think you know Vinho Verde, but you do not. Yes, you love the slight effervescence, low alcohol and easy price of Casal Garcia—so do we—but for wines from this region, going even slightly up the price ladder reaps untold benefits. Take this big brother bottle to Casal Garcia from Aveleda: it offers a deeper complexity of flavours—think lime zest grated over fresh melon—that seems perfectly suited for summer. And it’s $17. Don’t even get us started on what happens when you spend $25. Minds will be blown. —Neal McLennan, food and wine editor

Passionfruit Orange and Guava (POG) Sour from Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers,
14.40 for a four-pack

I have to be honest—I don’t know why this can features a peacock, other than North Van’s Deep Cove just deciding to flex its design muscles. And while it’s not quite as beautiful as the other photos of birds on this site, this is one of the most striking cans you’ll see on liquor store shelves. Thankfully, the liquid inside more than holds its end of the bargain. Tart and delicious but never overly sweet thanks to some discreet lactose sugar, this is the ideal beach beer.—Nathan Caddell, associate editor