Five Fabulous Wines to Go


          Wines to go 

1. Sofia Coppola Blanc de Blancs ($8.50 per 187 ml)
This little cutie is Francis Ford Coppola’s apology to his daughter for putting her in The Godfather Part III. It’s everything the movie wasn’t: distinctive, bubbly and fresh. Available at Legacy Liquor Stores and others.

2. Cardinal Zin Octavin ($36 per 3 litre)
This is the pound-for-pound champ. It’s a light Zinfandel, but still has plenty of spice, pepper, and a hint of sweetness to stand up to whatever you burn on the hibachi. Widely available at BC Liquor Stores and others.

 3. French Rabbit Pinot Noir ($13 per litre)
A light, black cherry influenced wine that has the benefit of tasting better when cool. The Tetra-pak rules the picnic. Widely available at BC Liquor Stores and others. 

4. Hardy’s Stamp Chardonnay/Semillon ($5 per 250 ml)
A full bottle is only $9.50-but try smuggling that into Malkin Bowl. We appreciate the neatly packaged glass, which lends this light, pineapple-y wine a sophisticated touch. Available at

5. Haywire Crush Pad Rosé ($54 per 3 litre)
Bring out the white dinner jacket for this 100 percent Gamay, which, despite its plebeian delivery system, is a serious, well made rosé with a nice strawberry-rhubarb profile. Available at and Legacy Liquor Stores.