The Ultimate Vancouver Wine Guide: The Best Boxes of Wine to Sip on a Kayak Trip

We asked a dozen-plus of the city's top sommeliers to share their picks with us for some very specific scenarios...including what bevvies to bring on a kayak trip.

We asked a dozen-plus of the city’s top sommeliers to share their picks with us for some very specific scenarios…including what bevvies to bring on a kayak trip.

The Scenario

You’re planning a kayak trip, and while you want to toast the great outdoors, bottles are a no-no. What box of wine do you buy?

Sommeliers Say…

Domaine Bousquet “Cameleon” Organic Malbec ($39)

I ordered this wine when chef David Gunawan asked me to find an organic cooking wine for the Farmer’s Apprentice, and I remember being impressed by how good it was! I saw the use of red wine increase drastically after that switch.—Kieran Fanning, Pepino’s

Francesco Cirelli Bianco ($25)

This is an organic, crisp and citrusy white blend from what is apparently my favourite value region in Italy, Abruzzo. It should be delicious with oysters if you find some on the beach, but it also works with canned beans.—Kelcie Jones, Chambar

Pasqua “Colori d’Italia” Sangiovese di Puglia ($37)

This is a totally crushable drop of Italian red wine. No chilling necessary. And a huge winner with your smokies grilled over a beach fire.—Jason Yamasaki, JOEY

Big House Pinot Grigio and Zinfandel 250 ml ($4.99 each)

I’ve been known to take to the water with wine in my craft (only where legal, of course), but I prefer cans to boxes—they are single-serve, more versatile, and you can dangle them in the water to keep them cool, so a handful of these cans should get you through the streams in style.—Mireille Sauvé, Wine Umbrella

La Vielle Ferme Rosé ($40)

Produced by the Perrin family of the famed Château de Beaucastel. Very crushable, with aromas of red berries and citrus with a fresh acidity.—Lisa Cook, Savio Volpe

A kayak trip means summertime—and rosé.—Sebastien Le Goff, Cactus Club

Morning, noon, night, indoors, outdoors…rosé is versatile.—Iori Kataoka, Yuwa

We’ll be adding to our Ultimate Vancouver Wine Guide over the next few months… follow along with somms’ top picks here!