The Ultimate Vancouver Wine Guide: Best Bottles to Impress Your In-Laws

We asked a dozen-plus of the city's top sommeliers to share their picks with us for some very specific scenarios...including which bottles to pop when you need to wow your partner's dad.

We asked a dozen-plus of the city’s top sommeliers to share their picks with us for some very specific scenarios…including which bottles to pop when you need to wow your partner’s dad.

The Scenario

You’re meeting your future father-in-law for the first time. Your partner says he’s “really” into wine. What under $40 bottle do you bring to dinner?

Sommeliers Say…

Quinta da Murta Bucelas Brut Nature ($28)

It’s important to assert dominance when meeting new people. Don’t bring the usual suspects; knock him off his game with this esoteric Portuguese sparkling. He’s on your turf now as you wax poetic about the “unheralded gems of Portugal’s lesser- known DOCs.”—Matthew Landry, Stable House Bistro

Borgogno “No Name” Langhe Nebbiolo ($40)

The grapes are sourced from a cru Barolo site, but since the word isn’t on the label, it’s only $40 at BC Liquor Stores. Cool and a good story.—Kelcie Jones, Chambar

Fontodi Chianti Classico ($38)

Pure, authentic Tuscan reds always thrill, impress and are meant for every dinner. Especially the ones with fathers-in-law.—Jason Yamasaki, JOEY

Alvaro Palacios Petalos ($38)

This is a mencia from Bierzo—trending, and such a great producer and yummy wine. Father-in-law should know that Alvaro Palacios was crowned Decanter Man of the Year for 2015.—Iori Kataoka, Yuwa

Isole e Olena Chianti Classico 2015 ($38)

It’s a little bit lighter and more delicate in style than your average “father-in-law wine”—but in this case, I’d rather bring a bottle that represents the wines I love than try to guess a stranger’s taste.—Kieran Fanning, Pepino’s

Tenuta Sette Ponti “Crognolo” ($40)

This is the second label of Oreno, and this wine hits all the notes of a big Super Tuscan while retaining the beauty and finesse of the sangiovese grape.—Lisa Cook, Savio Volpe

Künstler Rheingau Pinot Noir 2014 ($40)

If he’s really into wine he will geek out over this killer German red!—Shane Taylor, CinCin

We’ll be adding to our Ultimate Vancouver Wine Guide over the next few months… follow along with somms’ top picks here!