Valentines Day for the Suave and Swift

Vancouver's New District has you covered for the big day.

Vancouver’s New District has you covered for the big day.

Can we make a small suggestion? Skip going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day. It’s beyond expected and trust us—the restaurant is not likely to be at its best. Here’s a better option: have an expert—in this case VanMag‘s Chief Wine Judge DJ Kearney—curate a bottle for you. You’ll look like a serious insider when you arrive with a bottle of the impossible find Ployez-Jacquemart Extra Brut Champagne (and an included box of Purdy’s to boot) to celebrate the way a grown up should. The easiest thing is all you have to do is click to order, but to be honest if you’re already on the site maybe kick the tires on these 6 cult Pinots as a reward for being so smart about the Champagne?