Hop in the kayak and cruise over to Twin Islands' stellar spots.

Want to feel like you’re getting out of the city for a camping trip, but you didn’t make a park reservation six months ago? Your summer is saved thanks to Indian Arm’s Twin Islands: it’s a leisurely two-hours-or-less kayak paddle from Deep Cove, and all of the island’s camping platforms are first come, first serve. Double kayak for 48 hours, $189; extra day, $69; deepcovekayak.com

DeepCoverSarah-Blinco.CMYK_.jpg Paddling in Deep Cove (Photo: Sarah Blinco.)

Packing Essentials

Hydrate Hard Facilities on the island are limited to outhouses, so be sure to pack enough drinking, bathing and cooking water. You won’t be carrying it (the water’s just going in the boat, then sitting at your campsite) so you can err on the side of extra. For two days, two 20-litre water containers from MEC ($10) will be more than enough.

Get Cozy Don’t skimp on the sleeping cushions, wooden platform or no. Tucking a foamy into a double canoe is impossible, but slim-profile MEC sleeping pads (from $65) are surprisingly effective.

Compact Cooking Tiny camp burners are fab space-savers that get the job done. (And let’s face it, when is there ever not a fire ban?) Pick up a nine-inch single burner at your local hardware store (from $36) that fuels with small propane cylinders.

(Photo: Mathieu Jarry.)

Where the Wild Things Are

Flashy Friends Kayak up past the scary-looking old BC Hydro building and you’ll see virtually zillions of jellyfish in the water below (from big sea monsters to Swedish Berry-sized cuties with neon-coloured lights).

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