These Are the Best Swimming Holes Near Vancouver

Take a dip, why don't you?

In the U.K., swimming in natural bodies of water is known as “wild swimming,” and that’s a beautiful, feral vibe we recommend chasing this summer. Vancouver has no shortage of great outdoor pools (if we could vote for Kits Pool for mayor, we would), but there’s something special about a swimming hole. Most swimming hole lovers are tight-lipped about their favourite spots, but we got one outdoorsy insider to spill the beans after a glass of wine.

The Best Swimming Hole Near Vancouver Is…

Cypress Falls in West Vancouver

According to our secret source, this is the winner on a hot summer day (and it’s quieter than Lynn Canyon and Capilano). Drive to the end of Woodgreen Place and follow the dirt road to a parking lot. From there, follow Cypress Creek for 40 minutes or so until you reach the dreamy, crystalline pools awaiting at the base of the waterfall.

Cypress Falls

… And Three More Swimming Holes That Make a Splash 

It probably goes without saying, but these spots are unmonitored and are maintained by nature—swim at your own risk!

Granny’s Cove in Capilano Canyon 

It’s an ice-cold dip in this secluded pool, but if you’re daring enough to try cliff-jumping (we know we just warned you to swim at your own risk, but jump at your own risk, too, please), the adrenaline might keep you warm enough. Climb down the hill by the second Suspension Bridge parking lot for a more civilized descent.

Granny’s Cove in Capilano Canyon

Whyte Lake 

Hike two kilometres into Whyte Lake Park in West Vancouver to find the picturesque body of water that gives the area its name. Though it’s seen better days, the dock makes for an ideal spot for a post-walk or pre-dip beer.

Whyte Lake dock

Mystery Lake 

Where does a swimming hole end and a lake begin? We don’t really care, as long as we can splash around in this crystal-clear body of water on Mount Seymour. (The rocky “islands” at its centre make for an ideal touchstone for swimmers.)

Mystery Lake