Get Outside and… Cycle

The Vancouver Bicycle Club has been affably getting folks on the road since 1976. There are mountain bike routes and off-road tours, but star attraction is the weekly city route. Saturdays are 30 to 50 kilometres (destinations like Iona Island or the North Shore), with coffee break midway; Sundays might double that, but without offputting elevation gains. Wednesdays are short and leisurely (Stanley Park to UBC and back), ending at a restaurant. The vibe is social.

NSRIDE, presented by the North Shore’s largest mountain bike club, takes all skill levels on weekly group rides, with lots of love shown to maintaining local trails. Not sure roasting and skying are for you? A one-week temporary membership is only $10.

If Velopalooza feels like a Portlandia set piece, there’s good reason: it was born out of love for Oregon’s fixie capital and its Pedalpalooza festival. If you like slow riding, naked moonlit riding, or chic cycling, you won’t be alone. Community events, leisure rides, chopper fan clubs, and more, with longer rides an option.


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