The Outsider’s Guide: Where to Rent Camping Gear in Vancouver

Don't have a tent? Don't sweat. Here are four ways to rent camping gear in Vancouver.

While a resourceful individual probably could make do in the woods without much, Naked and Afraid-style, for a memorable long weekend, most of us find that the right gear is what turns a camping trip from tolerable to when-can-we-do-this-again fun. And yet, acquiring or storing all the necessary stuff for #camplife can be an obstacle for many camping-curious Vancouverites. Luckily, a slew of community resources and businesses are out there, eager to lend a helping hand (and tarps—don’t forget the tarps).


Camping essentials are delivered right to your door and picked up when your big adventure is over. Select products à la carte (a two-person tent is $30) or grab a pre-set package, like the $105 Backpacking Essentials kit, which includes a compact cooking system,  a lightweight sleeping pad, trekking poles and a big ol’ backpack to carry it all.

Rent a Tent

Customize your perfect package (maybe you know you’re going to get into a fight with your partner if you have to share a tent) or grab one of the standard sets: the $40-a-day Small Tent package includes self-inflating mats, folding chairs, a lantern and a propane stove, along with pots and more essentials.

Sports Junkies

Need to travel light? Sports Junkies’ hiking kits (from $65 a night) have everything you need to venture into the wilderness by foot. Car camping kits (from $80 a night) include a more robust set of supplies, including a cooler, chairs and a two-burner stove.

Buy Nothing Groups

Facebook may be a bit quiet these days,  but the Buy Nothing groups are still alive and well over there. Find  your neighbourhood chapter and see what previously loved pup tent  or needs-a-new-home stove you might be able to adopt.