Virtual Safari: How to Peep Some Local Wildlife From the Comfort of Your Home

Nature calls.

When we talk about support local in these crazy times, we usually are referencing small businesses or food purveyors… but did you ever stop to think for a second about your adorable local wildlife consumption? That’s right, while you’ve been selfishly googling Corgi videos that have zero transparency of their supply chain, B.C. animals have been performing for live cams and truly being the hometown heroes we need right now. 

That’s why here at VanMag, we’re doing our part to personally instigate a 100-mile adorable animal policy. Our community’s cutest critters need our support and adoration now more than ever, so whenever we need a little emotional pick me up from some sort of wildlife (which, at this point, appears to be an hourly thing), we’re keeping it local with these live feeds. We’ve all got to do our part, right?! 

Bears on Grouse Mountain

Instead of going to the club, we’re going to the cub. Brown bears Grinder and Coola are in hibernation, and their minimal activity is looking actually quite similar to our own homebound habits: “stretching, rolling over, some grooming… even little sleep walks.”

Pacific Great Blue Herons in Stanley Park

It’s high-def and high-action here inside the nest of one of North American’s largest urban great blue heron colonies. You can take control of the camera for two minutes at a time, but please note it is mating season and these dudes may prefer to have a little privacy.

Penguins at the Vancouver Aquarium

If you need a little inspiration to put on real pants during this brave new era of working from home, take a cue from these South African penguins, who wear tuxedos every day.

Sea Otters at the Vancouver Aquarium

You otter find some comfort in Vancouver’s unofficial mascots, whether via the above-water feed or the underwater cam. 

Bald Eagles in White Rock

A majestic bird just chillin’—just like you. Try not to be too jealous when this noble beast gets to spread its wings and fly. 

Sea Lions on Hanson Island

These sea lions are not practicing social distancing but please try not to judge.