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Discover the Magic of Skagit Valley

Spend time in Skagit Valley reveling in natural landscapes, outdoor adventure, eco-tourism and farm-to-table agricultural experiences—you almost won’t believe your eyes.

In Skagit Valley, the unspoiled natural views are truly amazing to behold. Just a short skip from Vancouver into the northwestern corner of Washington State, Skagit Valley is renowned for its gorgeous natural landscapes, sustainable agriculture and robust outdoor recreation. Picture colorful fields of flowers stretching endlessly into the distance. Stunning seaside sunsets dancing hypnotically over gentle waves. Tree-covered mountains rising majestically to the heavens. Everything about this part of the Pacific Northwest will enchant you.

“We have incredibly diverse experiences in the valley,” says Kristen Keltz, CEO, Skagit Tourism Bureau. “Located 60 minutes north of Seattle and 60 minutes south of Vancouver, we are a unique, rural setting between to major metro areas with beautiful landscapes and hyperlocal treasures you won’t find anywhere else.”

Stunning natural landscapes

With everything from picturesque seashores to the majestic North Cascade mountains and everything in between, there’s a beauty and bounty to this place that has an almost magical quality to it.

“Skagit Valley’s crown jewel is the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival held in April,” Keltz says. “This is your chance to visit four district farms that provide different arrays of tulip fields. The festival draws visitors from around the world because there is nothing else quite like it.”

Skagit Valley is also a gateway community to North Cascades National Park, an alpine landscape that beckons with jagged peaks crowned by more than 300 glaciers. Waters cascade in forested valleys and landscapes evolve, sensitive to the Earth’s changing climate.

And for those who love to paddle, sail, or fish their way to serenity, 229 miles of marine shoreline beckon.

“The coastline features diverse landscapes and numerous islands, bays, coves and cliffs,” Keltz says. “Adventure awaits in the surrounding waters and channels of Puget Sound.”

Adventure outdoors

Of course, the best way to explore natural wonders in Skagit Valley are with an outdoor adventure. A must-do hike in Skagit Valley is the Oyster Dome, a well-used trail that rewards trail runners, dog walkers, hikers and families with endless views of the Chuckanut area, San Juan Islands, Whidbey Island, the snow-capped Olympic Mountains and Samish Bay.

If you prefer to roll on two wheels, Skagit Valley has cycling adventures on every terrain you can think of. “Skagit Valley bicycle rides vary from flat to hilly with views of farmland, mountains and the North Puget Sound,” Keltz says. “Take a bicycle tour through the daffodil fields during the La Conner Daffodil Festival , the tulip fields during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival or the Cascade Trail all-year long.  Walk on the Guemes Island Ferry or the San Juan Island Ferries for an island bicycle experience. If you are looking for a world class scenic and adventurous mountain ride, the North Cascades Highway (SR20) is for you!”


Discover Padilla Bay National Estuarine Reserve, a massive eelgrass meadow nestled in the heart of the Salish Sea just north of Bay View, Washington. At more than 8,000 acres, it’s the second largest eelgrass meadow on North America’s Pacific Coast. The meadow functions as a nursery for juvenile salmon, crab and herring and provides critical habitat for waterfowl and marine birds.

Visit the reserve and see research staff collecting data and processing samples in the laboratory. In the Breazeale Interpretive Center, browse interpretive exhibits and observe sea stars, urchins and other marine life in the aquarium room. On nearby trails, watch for eagles, herons, ducks and other birds that live here year-round or pass through on their migratory paths.

Or join Skagit Guided Adventures Skagit Valley Snow Geese Eco Tour to experience the unforgettable sights, sounds and behaviours of thousands of Snow Geese as they arrive from the Russian Arctic tundra. They spend the Fall, Winter and Spring grazing the farm fields of Skagit Valley.

“The exciting part of the tour is finding them,” Keltz says. “They move from field to field every day, and throughout the day. Once upon them, you’ll immediately be serenaded by the incessant cacophony of their calls.  Watching them move as a giant flock as they feed is simply mesmerizing.”

Farm to table food, agricultural experiences

Foodies and craft brew lovers will find their heart’s content in Skagit Valley. The Skagit Valley Food Trail is a self-guided journey that meanders through more than 60 local gardens, family-owned farms, markets, bakeries, eateries, artisanal producers, farmstays and food experiences. Uniquely, all five salmon species swim up the Skagit River and feed the farms with rich nutrients. These fields produce grains, flowers, vegetables and fruit, while shellfish is harvested at low tide.

For a delightful sampling of the barley varietals grown on these fertile lands, be sure to hit the Skagit Farm to Pint Ale Trail to visit 13 hyperlocal breweries that use local malt to make great craft beer. Pick up a Skagit Farm to Pint Passport, which includes a map and passport to collect stamps.  Once visitors have collected all the stamps, they are awarded with a pint glass at the last brewery they visit.

“We curated these trails with so many experiences in one place to help you explore what Skagit Valley has to offer,” Keltz says. “We hope you learn, indulge and explore every depth of your curiosities along the way. Whether dancing through flower fields, tasting oysters by the sea or attending snow geese ballets, the adventure is up to you!”

Taking memories home

And when visitors leave Skagit Valley, they take with them more than memories of their adventures.

“Visitors always remember the people here in the valley,” Keltz says.  “Whether they climbed a mountain, experienced a great birdwatching session or enjoyed time bike riding, they will remember the people they met along the way. We are known for it.”

Plan your visit today and see how the Skagit Valley’s beauty and bounty can transform your vacation into something unforgettable. That’s the Magic of Skagit Valley.

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