A Look Inside Hong Kong’s Most Luxurious Experiences

From decadent meals to opulent hotel rooms, this world-class city takes luxury to a new level.

From decadent meals to opulent hotel rooms, this world-class city takes luxury to a new level.

Hong Kong is an innately luxurious place, brimming with rich experiences and culture. Acting as a key gateway to the rest of Asia, both geographically and culturally, visitors can expect a veritable maelstrom of lavish dining, shopping, and exploring. If you want to stay off the beaten path and still enjoy the best of what Hong Kong has to offer, here are the experiences you simply can’t miss.

Stay at a luxury hotel

Photo: Wikimedia CommonsAny experienced traveller knows that a hotel is not just a place to stay. It’s a reflection of the culture and uniqueness of the city you’re in. Take in Hong Kong’s luxurious hotel scene by staying at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, the world’s highest hotel, whose suites offer unparalleled views of this international city. For a more eclectic option, you might also check out J Plus by YOO, the city’s self-proclaimed first boutique hotel. Offering sumptuous decor throughout the lobby and in the guestrooms, visitors take in Chinese motifs of coins, dragons, and bamboo, mixed with western pieces like the enormous Renaissance-style portrait of a woman guarding the hotel’s exterior facade.

Shop at Causeway Bay

Photo: Colin Tsoi via Flickr CCOn the northern coast of the island is Causeway Bay, one of the most heavily developed areas in all of Hong Kong. This deluxe shopping neighbourhood contains everything a luxury traveller could want to buy, as well as plenty to explore. At the heart of the Causeway Bay neighbourhood is SOGO, Hong Kong’s largest department store. The Japanese retailer’s space takes up thirteen floors, meaning you can easily wile away an afternoon, or a whole day, exploring its many offerings.Causeway Bay also plays home to one of Hong Kong’s largest shopping malls in Times Square, with sixteen floors and 230 shops and an inviting mix of local and international brands. Take a break from indoor shopping by taking a stroll down Fashion Walk, a hip street full of boutiques and shops where you’ll find local designer wares. Mainstays like KniQ, which boasts the latest and edgiest designer goods and was named one of the best independent stores in Hong Kong, make up the mosaic of independent retailers ready to be discovered.

Dine at Fang Fang

Photo: Fang FangWith 80 Michelin star restaurants in Hong Kong, the luxury dining options are nearly endless. For the latest in cutting edge eastern cuisine, try Fang Fang, a new spot serving contemporary Asian cuisine in an opulent dining room. Named for the mysterious and beautiful Chinese opera singer, Fang Fang is located on the eighth floor of LKF Tower, offering views of Victoria Harbour as you tuck into decadent Asian cuisine.The dishes are composed by Chef Kent Lee, the former executive chef at the Michelin-starred restaurant, Hakkasan. They combine Asian flavours to create vibrant dishes such as the the stir-fried Fang Fang-style paneer and the Malaysian char kway teow, a twist on the traditional noodle dish with wok hei and fat rice rolls. Offering any kind of night cap, the bar menu uses the five elements theory of Chinese philosophy to inspire their creations: water, wood, earth, fire, and metal.

Cruise to secluded Po Toi Island

You can’t leave Hong Kong without taking to its waters, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the crowded Star Ferry. Instead, book tickets on a traditional wooden Chinese junk boat or cruise with a luxury line like Michelangelo Cruises, a beautifully restored eighty-foot classic motor yacht in mahogany, teak, brass and copper. These ships will take you on a watery exploration of Hong Kong’s city views, or to a more private experience on nearby secluded beaches. Try Michelangelo Cruises’ trip to Po Toi Island, an hour and a half cruise that will take you to this southern island where there are no buildings in sight — only stunning vistas as you hike the island or take in the sumptuous coastline.

Fly with Cathay Pacific’s Premium Economy Class

Photo: Cathay PacificOnce you’ve settled on your travel bucket list, make your way to Hong Kong in style with Cathay Pacific. Settle into the comfort of their Premium Economy option, which includes spacious seating with a generous recline and extensive legroom. Enjoy a calf rest and a leather-padded footrest as well to ensure that your flight is as comfortable as possible. Dine on their fresh-fruit and vegetable forward in-flight menu and enjoy a wide selection of entertainment options as you make your way to one of the world’s most densely populated metropolises.No matter your particular idea of luxury, the rich cultural offerings of Hong Kong are sure to provide. From exemplary shopping, to utterly unique hotels, to rich dining experiences, this gateway to Asia offers everything an elite traveller could ask for, and more. Take your time, experience the sights, and dive into the plethora of luxury experiences that Hong Kong has to offer.