Elsewhere, stuccoed abodes have begun to claim a retro chic; in Hastings-Sunrise their numbers smother all irony. Even those little boxes, though, have shot past the half-million-dollar mark. On Hastings Street, $10 haircuts and 75-cent laundry loads are persistent as dandelions, but chic boutiques (like Tiger Tiger, the hipster-vintage clothing shop) are cropping up. as the first posh condos arrive (Jasmine and Sugar are both set to gild the strip) the area’s mix remains vital—dinner options include Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Mexican, and Polish. There’s a happy jumble of cultures that’s accommodating and unpretentious. True, the PNE is flanked by parking lots that could be replaced with something more animated, but the charm of is that it’s not frantically gentrifying. Giuseppe’s, a favourite lunch spot, taped a sign in its window recently: “We will be closed for two weeks because of the family vacation.” Take that, Starbucks.


Don’t let the Hastings address fool you. Assault and theft rates are lower here than in the surrounding neighbourhoods. Last year the police received zero reports of prostitution in the area; Grandview-Woodlands, few blocks west, had 64.