Fight sun damage with a little help from SKINWORKS DERMAPURE.

As much as we love to soak up a little sun, at this point, we all know better. The damage that free radicals have done to anyone who spent summers laying out by the pool can be shocking—but there is a way to revitalize that sun-damaged skin and reclaim a radiant, healthy glow. Dermatologist Dr. Frances Jang at SKINWORKS DERMAPURE and her skincare specialists can tailor an at-home skincare program treatment to help reinvigorate your skin to achieve “Optimum Skin Health”. The new advanced ZO skincare protocol stimulates fresh skin cells to the surface—great for treating long-term sun damage but also wrinkles or hyperpigmentation, too. It’s not an instant fix, says Jang, but it’s an effective one, and one that’s less intensive than many other treatments. “We’ve got some great skincare programs that are therapeutic. They require a longer time investment by the patient compared to laser treatment, which we also offer, but the lasting results can be equally as significant and remarkable in achieving a more vibrant, firm, and refined texture or tone of the skin.” IPL photorejuvenation is another option that utilizes advanced laser technology to treat sun spots while improving skin tone and texture. Dr. Jang has been using this technology for years—she was one of the first in the Lower Mainland to offer the service—so her expertise is extensive. A series of 30-minute treatments can diminish sun damage by 50 to 75 percent (and with little to no downtime—a bonus when you want to take advantage of the beautiful spring we’re having). Enjoy the sunny spring, but remember: the sun isn’t always your friend. Fortunately, you can always count on Dr. Jang and her team at SKINWORKS DERMAPURE.