Grey Goose Vodka presents insider tips from Wendy McGuinness, bar manager at Chambar

Of the many reasons to visit Vancouver’s Chambar—delicious mussels, the chic patio—the cocktail program may be the best. After all, bar manager Wendy McGuinness mixes some of the world’s finest drinks. She came first at the Grey Goose Pour Masters bartending competition, where she infused vermouth with locally harvested elderflowers and reinterpreted the classic martini. Though she competes internationally, she’s happiest behind the bar. “We can spend all day making tinctures and experimenting,” she notes. “It’s an amazing opportunity to take classics and do something new.” Wendy’s top summer soiree tips: 1. You can never have too much ice “My freezer at home is entirely dedicated to ice!” 2. Invest in high-quality bitters “Everything from the Bittered Sling line is amazing.” 3. Get creative with the highest quality ingredients “Take inspiration from where you are and what you have available.” 4. Make this Grey Goose L'Orange and Perrier 1.5 parts GREY GOOSE L’Orange 3 parts Perrier 2 lemon wedges Leaves of basil “Sparkling long cocktails are refreshing and perfect summer sippers. I love the herbaceousness that fresh herbs add to this drink,” says McGuinness. “Try adding a splash of green chartreuse to enhance the basil notes.”