Head down to Simons department store for your chance at being part of art history.

At the nexus of art and fashion sits Simons, Park Royal’s newest interloper, with its keen eye and desire to promote the arts through its au courant fashion platform. The 175-year-old Canadian department store and Douglas Coupland, Vancouver’s fave homegrown novelist and artist, are embarking on a multi-year, crowdsourced art project called 3D Canada—a 21st-century Portrait of Canadians. Between 2015 and 2017, Coupland will visit seven cities across the country to scan Canadians at various Simons locations where participants can take home their own 3D printed busts. The project culminates when Coupland unveils 3DCanada–a sculpture made of hundreds of 3D printed busts–at the future Yorkdale Simons store in 2019. “3DCanada is a cross-country portrait of Canadians 150 years into nationhood,” says Coupland. “What do we look like now and where are we going with technology? 3DCanada will present a glimpse of what a group portrait can look like in the 21st century.” Up to 100 people will get the chance to meet Coupland in each store and experience being scanned (each 3D bust, printed on site, will be about 5cm-tall and available for pick up the following week). Vancouver’s turn is this weekend: head down to Simons (12-4:30 pm) for your chance at art history.* Saturday, November 14 & Sunday, November 15 12pm-4:30pm 1060 Park Royal South, West Vancouver, 604-925-1840; Simons.ca *Please note: scans will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis