Our greatest food fantasy is now a reality.

I had plans to go to the gym at lunch, but then a lemon meringue pie arrived on my desk so apparently the universe had other plans. I put my runners back in my bag and went to go get a fork, asking zero questions. When pie comes a-knockin', who am I to refuse it? (I often think about how easy I would be to poison.) Mouth stuffed with mystery pie, I turned to my email inbox for clues—and lo, a message awaited to explain it all. It turns out the delivery was in honour of Joe Forte’s new late-night offerings: a menu of house-made pies (lemon meringue, apple crumble, bourbon pecan and espresso chocolate chiffon by the slice) designed for pairing with cocktails, all available after 9:00 p.m. This is a concept I can very much get behind: a delightful, pastry-oriented nightcap sounds like the perfect offering for someone with my pie-forward outlook on life. Give me a second to finish off my current plateful here, and I'll meet you there for another round. Joe's After 9 menu launches April 16.