We finally have an answer to the question, Where are the good pickles?

The story seems too twee to be real. Two expats find themselves in our fair city, and everything is going great save for one thing: where are the good pickles? So Scott Kaylin (a New Yorker) and Chris Hobson (a Torontonian) set up to rectify this egregious blind spot. They brainstorm, they taste and, sure, they brand as Kaylin and Hobbs, and in no time they and their green-aproned charges are running the hottest stall on Granville Island. And this summer, they repeated the experiment at Lonsdale Quay with equal success. Perchance proper pickles are a perfect present?

And as for which way to go, taste-wise: the mustards are dramatic, the jalapeño lively, but we’ll take the middle ground with horse-radish—a crunch, some heat and plenty of nostalgia. Granville Island Market, Lonsdale Quay Market, kaylinandhobbs.com