Get ready, Vancouver, because free-sizing is the next big thing

Recently, you may have noticed the charming, slightly-oversized silhouette Vancouver is falling in love with. If you’re used to wearing demandingly-tight jeans, the flowing, elegant frame that stands as one of the trademarks of Korean fashion will help loosen you up (both literally and metaphorically) to a whole new silhouette. The emphasis on simplicity with a subtle twist plays a huge part in explaining the boom of Korean-influenced boutiques in Vancouver (Oak + Fort's sister-store Noul among them). This is a city with a penchant for elegance, but with inhabitants whose fondness for walking demands comfortable attire. With Korean fashion, you can easily feel comfy while reveling in the singular quality of a well-crafted dropped shoulder, an unusual fabric texture, or some absolutely indiscriminate use of a-symmetry. “Free Size”—the popular general size for clothing made in Korea—can seem foreboding at first, but trying things on makes all the difference with this type of clothing. These pieces are made to fall wonderfully on several sizes, meaning you just need to find the pieces that work best with your body. D.I.Y. Woo to See You 1062 Mainland Street Oak + Fort 355 Water Street Noul 840 Granville Street Ego Closet 486 W Cordova Street Top tip: check out Hach +Hart for their bountiful stock of Korean stationary and accessories.   The Picks Korean2 Light Grey Jacket, Woo to See You, $98 Korean1 Grey Tunic, Oak + Fort, $108 Korean4 White Button Up Shirt, Ego Closet, $148